Thursday, June 9, 2011

FBI arrests estranged husband after wife 'poses as 17-year-old girl on Facebook to trap him'

Husbands, you better very wary of who you’re talking to on Facbook!

Daily Mail

An Indiana woman locked in a messy divorce posed as a teenage girl on Facebook in a bid to get damaging information from her estranged husband.

Angela Voelkert set up a Facebook account in late May under the name of Jessica Studebaker, giving her age as 17.

The true identity of the girl seen in the photo is not known, nor is it clear where Mrs Voelkert got the image.

Mrs Voelkert, 29, used the bogus Facebook profile to 'friend' her estranged husband David, 38.

She then asked a friend to email her husband through the Facebook account because she feared he might recognise her 'style of writing' and any expressions she used.

Within days of becoming friends, Mr Voelkert began exchanging Facebook messages with 'Studebaker,' telling the teen about his children, his wife and his plans.

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