Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hugh Hefner's wedding is canceled

They were supposed to be married this Saturday, but now, just five days before the wedding, Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris have called it off.

TMZ reports the couple with a 60-year-age difference had a huge argument over the weekend followed by Crystal moving her ass out of the Playboy mansion. Hmmm... what do you think they were fighting about?

Hef: "We're having an early bird dinner at our wedding and that's final!"
Crys: "Why aren't you dead yet?!"

Ugh, that's harsh of me to say. But truthfully, this broad always knew she'd never make it down the aisle to spend the rest of his life being his wife. She probably realized he'll live to be like 100 and decided she couldn't possibly dedicate 15 years waiting around for the reading of his last will and testament. She was totally only willing to put in 2-3 years tops.

Hef tweets, "The wedding is off. Crystal had a change of heart." Poor guy. But I'm sure he'll have new girlfriends by the end of the week.

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