Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • anandrajesh
    12-13 12:32 PM

    I'm in the US working on L1 visa, though I have an expired visa, I have I94 valid until Jun 2008 which makes me legal to work here until Jun 2008. Now, I'm planning to travel to India, Do I need transit visa in France if I travel via france.

    Thanks in advance,


    YES. French & British Airport needs a Transit Visa if your Visa Stamping on your passport is expired. If you have a valid 797 approval German airports let you in without a transit visa.

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  • alkg
    10-25 07:22 PM
    Mine 485,131,765 receipt nos# also starting with SRC08008XXXXX and it's not showing online status.

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  • summitpointe
    06-05 05:01 PM
    This should be the approval document.

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  • fullerene
    12-14 10:39 PM
    I don't know how many people will that invitation allow for the meeting? I can join and we can present some things to the congressman. Please PM me and we can touch base.


    Very glad to hear that. You may visit his website and email or call for reservation.


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  • ameryki
    01-08 10:14 PM
    People who filed I-485 after the July fiasco (starting with the August 2007 bulletin) paid a higher initial fee ($1010) - but they don't have to pay any EAD & AP fee - either the first time or for any renewals.

    Look at the "Special instructions" sections of the following URL:

    so those that didn't pay the new fees when they filed 485 but paid the new fees for renewal of EAD and AP what happens to them? do they also get free renewals?

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  • ca_immigrant
    05-14 11:40 AM
    So, this so called nice does it come?

    I know its by USPS , but do they need you to sign or something... ?when you get the cover or package, ...or will it be sitting in the mail box one fine day sometime after ones case is approved ?

    I might be out of the country perhaps when the card comes, (if I am lucky and my case is attended to by the authorities in July) .... (I will come back on AP)

    Intially I was thinking of putting a hold on my mail in the post office...but my lawyer said that USPS sometimes returns mails from USCIS (which could be H1, EAD, AP, GCs, etc...)

    So now am thinking I will request my neighbour to hold my mail for me....but am wondering if a signature is needed if the card comes during my absense....

    Thanks for your replies Folks !!


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  • Hinglish
    03-05 12:39 AM
    Dont worry about it ...
    appear for the FP ...
    I had a major cut on my finger, they tried but could not take a good print and finally asked me to come in 15-20 days using walk in along with the FP notice.

    The important thing is DO NOR miss the appointment ... show up there and let them tell you that they cannot take the FP

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  • georchen
    08-02 07:08 AM
    Hello Core Members ,

    We are seeing that some applications are being returned by USCIS mail room people , for improper fees and missing forms . This looks to be a very bit issue for people who have filed the cases , during July . Its possible that the filers may have made any mistake or this can be a mistake of Mail room People too due to huge volume of applications they have received . During Normal process every one had a fair chance of applying again with in the current month or many times even the preceding months. This is definitely not the case this time. If some case is rejected after Aug 17, they will not be able to file I 485 for Years . Can any of the core members suggest a way to contact the USCIS or DHS people and get some relief from this , and allow to re file the I 485 .


    make sure that uscis does not play a tric to us after aug 17th.


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  • sk76012w
    07-04 10:23 AM

    Here is my experience. I attended interview at Chennai Consulate on 06/23/08 (H1 approval notice - 2006). Got my passport back in 2 days. No PIMS delay as my info was already in their system. My daughter (H4 approval notice - 2006 and principal applicant is my husband) attended the interview on the same day. However, her info was not available in PIMS. They kept the passport and said it will be sent within a week. I sent an email (to on 07/02. They sent a reply asking me to contact them again in 3 days. By God's grace, she received her stamped passport on 07/04.

    Now, answers to your questions:

    Chennai appointments slots are normally open 3-4 weeks in advance. Make an appointment accordingly.

    I think the info is added to PIMS on a routine basis. Making an appointment does not seem to have any effect. If, on the day of your interview, your info is there in PIMS, it is there. Otherwise, you will have to wait till the time they add it.

    I normally go to Chennai as that is my regional consulate.

    I am not aware of any specific way to make them add your info to PIMS (if it is already not there) before you actually attend the interview.

    We have always followed one very successful strategy in all our visa dealings with US consulate namely, PRAY TO GOD.

    All the very best for your interview.

    Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert on visa stamping procedures or on any of the issues discussed above. These are all my opinions/assumptions only purely based on my experience.

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  • EndlessWait
    08-03 04:23 PM
    i would also like to know..i think its doable but one has to withdraw the old 485 and can file the new only if the PD is current.


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  • neoklaus
    10-22 01:02 PM
    If you filed G 28 then both you and Lawyer will receive the copy of RFE. In case you have not filed G 28 only you will receive the RFE copy. USCIS does not care who answers the RFE as long as it is satisfied with the response.

    Not exactly correct. From my own experience. I filed G28 with lawer, only he has got RFE on my I 485, and even worse thing happened: his assistant send only partial answer on that RFE ( the medical) and "simply" missed that RFE asked about EVL (letter from employer) and never informed me on that. When uscis send RFE 2nd time ( asking to send all requested information together) only then lawyer contacted me and asked about EVL.
    Both times I didn' get RFEs, moreover the lawyers assistant pretended that she couldn't find a Copy of 1st RFE. ( times between 1st and 2nd RFE was 7 days).

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  • meridiani.planum
    03-12 02:43 PM
    One says, I can only remove my Future employer "X", who has filed for my GC, and carry my Priority Date , AFTER I get new PERM and new I140 from the new company.

    Other one says, don't worry just move to new Employer and I don't need to refile PERM and I140.

    Both lawyers are mentioned over 10 times on this web-site and both are VERY reputed.

    I have NEVER worked for employer X, It was a future position and I may still join them.
    I have approved 140 and 485 is pending for about 9 months.
    EAD is approved and so is AP.

    Please help guys!

    you dont need to refile PERM and I-140. Since your I-140 was approved and 485 is pending for 9 months you can simply invoke AC-21 and move to another employer.

    See questions 2 & 3 here:

    Did you ask the attorney why they think you need a new filing when you qualify for AC-21 on your existing filing? this might simply be a misunderstanding...


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  • GCWhru
    03-26 02:10 PM
    Do you have any source on this....I also had to amend my H1B last month. Its done without any issues..

    My lawyer informed this. They instructed me not to travel while extension is pending. In case you have to travel, they suggest to do the extension after return back. I don't have any source for this information.

    But it makes sense isn't it. Your extension is the extension of your last I94, however if you travelled after application, your extension have different i94 number and your recent i94 has different number. Just my opinion.

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  • rsirpal
    03-25 11:16 AM
    Ported EB3 to EB2 India Green Card Approved on wife's birthday :D

    EB3 India GC PD 03/27/2003 :o
    Labour approved : 08/01/2003 :)
    I140 & I485 applied concurrently on 08/16/2003 in NSC :)
    I140 denied due to education on 05/20/2004 :mad:
    Applied MTR and I140 approved on 07/24/2004 :)
    No count od EAD's & AP's applied :confused:
    Switched job using EAD on 02/15/2005 :cool:
    Remained on EAD status since than :eek:
    Applied EB2 Labour on 08/15/2010 (started Porting process to EB2) in TSC :p
    Labour approved on 12/12/2010 :o
    Applied Premium I-140 01/15/2011 (Paid extra $1200 for that) in TSC :)
    Eb2 I-140 approved on 02/08/2011 :o
    Notification for approved I-140 sent on 03/06/2011 ;)
    Lawyer notified NSC of pending I-485 on 03/08/2011 :rolleyes:
    Recieved approval email on 03/24/2011 :D

    I strongly recomend all EB3 folks who are retrogressed for more than a year to port over to EB2 if possible. Do not waste your time trying to pass some bill in favour of legal immigration etc. It will not happen. The money spent on porting is worth it . The wait is not worth the stress, tension etc.


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  • cdeneo
    04-02 09:23 PM
    I was looking for similar info -

    Applying for a Canadian tourist visa with AP (no H-1), would this be a problem? Would we get the Canadian visa for only the validity of AP (one yr at most)?

    I would be interested in finding out the answers to the original poster's questions as well. It would be very helpful if anyone could share their experience with this.

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  • sunny1000
    01-06 05:47 PM
    Has anyone claimed unemployment benefits in EAD in TX state after being laid off? Can you please tell whats the procedure. I do not want to get into the debate of whether UB can be claimed while in AOS state? I just need to know the procedure. Thanks.

    Texas Workforce Commission - Unemployment Benefits Services (

    Disclaimer: I don't live in Texas and above link was from a google search. Talk to an attorney to see if it will affect your GC process, before applying.


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  • print0104
    08-28 05:01 AM

    I am currently under H1-B status, and have received a visa stamp at the embassy in my home country. But my H1B visa is going to expire on September 30, 2007 and I have taken a long break for my health problem from my "current" employer since last year December. Now I am in my home country. Recently a US law firm wants me to work for them and starts to line up an interview for me. What's possible result of my H1B status and what's your suggestion? Thank you very much~~


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  • desitechie
    01-12 09:35 PM
    Remaining in H-1 status provides what I think is a very important safety net. Even if you are 100% sure that there are no potential problems with your I-485, the possibility of an erroneous USCIS denial always exists. If there are any glitches, you will be in a much better position to wait for them to be resolved if you are able to remain legally employed in the US. Additionally, you are entitled to a three year H-1 extension which means you won't have the hassle of worrying about gaps in employment or travel authorization because of USCIS processing delays. Finally, remaining in H-1 status gives your current or future spouse the option of H-4 status.

    What happens if an individual has completed 6 years on H1 and is in 7th or 10th... extension? Does 485 denial invalidate the associated 140 too? Will it not make the H1 invalid too?


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  • qplearn
    09-10 10:31 AM

    That is exactly what we want the house members to know. Our lives are on hold; my wife cannot work, and I cannot move!

    Also, a BIG THANK YOU for distancing ourselves from the H1B quota issue that the industry is after. That will get us nowhere in the house that struck it down last time from their bill.

    Keep up the good work!


    08-07 10:27 AM
    This thread brought me same laughter as what I had yesterday after reading Lion-Monkey visa joke is another thread 'Lighthen up'. When this thread owner is accepting his mistake then there is no need to embarrass him more.

    Guys take is light...

    07-15 04:25 PM

    Could some one let us know while applying for H1 Extension do we need to provide notarized documents if one has traveled outside US on H1B. Are these documents mandatory ?

    Also what's the general processing time for H1 Extension.I mean how many days does it take..


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