Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • ajay
    04-11 03:17 PM
    Check this link:

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  • krishna007
    05-05 03:15 PM
    I am similar situation (not laid off, but would like to change to employer other than one for which H-1B is approved) and spoke to a lawyer. You can apply for H-1B transfer even before Oct1st(H-1B start date). But, apply in premium processing so that your CAP-GAP benefit will not get screwed up.

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  • kshitijnt
    07-08 07:02 PM
    Depends on what you are looking for and what your priorities are:

    1) Ask what work you will get? Ask to speak with the team members of the team you will work with and get your role clarified.

    2) compensation. How much $$$$ they are paying more wrt current position or wrt other offers you may have in recent future.

    3) As someone said correctly, get to know the work culture and the team make sure you don't end up being chained to work.

    The advantage is that you can rise quickly (not much competition) & stable job.

    So see whats important for you.

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  • meridiani.planum
    07-19 02:10 PM
    Hi Leoindiano:

    What is meant by Pre-Adjudication and how do we know that, our case is Pre-Adjudicated. Sorry to ask you this qn. specifically, as I amnot seeing any LUDs on my case, and my para-legal says, dont worry.

    my case details are PD10/05 EB2 I, RD 07/02/07 and ND 08/30/07 at TSC.

    Can you enlighten us little bit more.

    preadjudication is where USCIS processes your case even when visa numbers are not going to be available: meaning ur PD is not current, they know even if all is well they wont be able to approve, but still they go over everything, issue an RFE is something is not ok etc. If all is well, the case goes into a pre-adjudicated stack, and once visa numbers are available, they simply pick up a file from that stack, assign it a visa and mark it approved. This is how lots of people got approvals last year in july VB.

    pre-adjudication has three advantages compared to starting to process only when teh PD is current:
    - If they wait for PD to be current to pick up a file and start looking at it, there is no way they can process so many cases when the PD does go current, or when dates move significantly towards the end of the year. This is how they processed nearly 60k cases in 2 months last year.
    - if PD is current for a short period (1month or 2) and thats when they pick up your case, if you get a NOID you could end up missing the window by the time you respond and they pick up your response.
    - its helpful for them because they can weed out cases that are not going to be approved, earlier and they dont end up giving interim benefits to those people.

    ur status does not change when your case is pre-adjudicated.


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  • kshitijnt
    01-23 04:32 PM
    I had written senator Feinstein about retrogression sometime last year. A response came 2 weeks later:

    "As of today federal healthcare is available to undocumented immigrants only in cases of emergencies. Undocumented immigranst are a drain on federal resources. Blah blah blah........." Bull ****

    True Feinstein seems to be least sensitive to immigrant woes. Her husband is a rich investment banker so I guess she is more business friendly rather than grassroots friendly.

    Senator Boxer had replied

    " I believe every citizen should have a say in the country. I value your opinion and can assure you that it will be taken into consideration during my work in the senate on this topic"

    Much more polished. However it seems these are stereotype responses and I think senators do not read these emails. This is a sophisticated way of saying "Dont lecture me.... Mind your own business" This is how in America...

    That's certainly a lot better than the "spam" i got from Senator Feinstein.

    I just got some *#&$ about thanking me for supporting her blue card and AgJOBS initiatives, with not a mention on tackling retrogression issues.

    Hardly a huge surprise, but I'm writing back

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  • genscn
    07-30 01:34 PM
    My attorney says that I-485 should be filed at the same location where I-140 was filed (when I-485 & I-140 were not filed concurrently) Is this correct?

    Thanks for clarifying/
    I believe my 140 was sent to Texas.
    No , I dont work for CTS.


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  • roseball
    04-20 02:04 PM
    I dont think there is any need to apply for amendment in premium processing as long as you file the amendment before your current I-94 expires (which in your case is the date of EAD expiry).....I would suggest you to check with some other lawyer too regarding this because $1000 is not a small amount....

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  • kumar1
    07-18 02:56 PM
    Why you want to mad on him, What is there to become mad on him.

    Labor buy/sell ------ is there any possible way it is helping this system? Please do not tell me that system already has flaws da da da ....


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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-07 04:44 PM

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  • blackberry
    07-24 12:26 PM
    I have already contributed which bucket do i fit in... :)



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  • drirshad
    01-18 06:51 PM
    BE HEARD - Thursday, January 18, 2007

    AILA has suggested two ways that everyone can let their voice be heard.

    1. Flood congressional inboxes and phone lines: Take 30 seconds to send our pre-scripted CIR support letter to your senators and representatives, and then forward the link to all your pro-immigrant friends. Or pick up the phone and make a personal pitch in support of CIR to congressional staff. You will find the pre-scripted letter and phone numbers for congressional offices at our Congressional Action and Information Center at:

    2) Talk to your elected officials: Attend a local town hall meeting and let your senators and representatives know you support humane and comprehensive reform. You will find a Town Hall Calendar at, and our Town Hall Tool Kit at

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  • ohguy
    02-12 10:42 PM
    No I did not receive any RFE earlier to this. It was in that Initial Review status all the time.


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  • logiclife
    03-10 01:44 AM

    I have had 10+ members sign up so far.

    This is as important as the fund raising. The same group of contributors cannot contribute all the time, please join the effort to bring more people in by signing up in the Membership drive. Just email me at so that I can send you a 5 page pdf document to get your started.

    More members means:

    Bigger organization.
    More funds to pay for lobbying.
    More faxes and emails to congress when the time comes for grassroots advocacy.


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  • sreedhar
    10-26 11:10 AM
    July 2nd filer, checks cashed on 10/16, still online status not available.

    My Checks Cashed on 10/10...Still Not available on USCIS online System.


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  • anandrajesh
    11-26 02:35 PM
    Thank you so much for your response.

    So If I understand correctly I will have to staple the current I-94 (bottom part of I-797) from company C to my original I-94 in the passport i.e the I-94 I got at the time of entry (the one which has the company A info , I mean the type of visa , valid till etc.)

    What abt the I-94 from company B(the one which I have the copy of) . Does it need to be stapled too while I am leaving US ? If yes, can I staple the copy ?

    Thanks again for your time.

    I was under the same situation as u are, when i left to india last month. I stapled all I-94 records together and gave it at the airline counter. It is Arrival/Departure Card and they need all the documents to document your status correctly.

    As far as the Interview, I Carried current I-797 original for the interview and carried all copies with me. I had the copy of all approvals NOTARIZED by my Attorney.

    The interview at the embassy was a breeze. No questions asked, none answered :)

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  • bluekayal
    10-21 10:02 PM
    ^^^bump ^^^^bump


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  • nc14
    11-03 04:09 PM
    I am a regular contributor.

    reached $525 and doing $25 from last month onwards.

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  • GCBy3000
    09-29 05:20 PM
    This is not at all a bad idea. Indeed very good one and also easy to send it through Amazon.

    Every member should send it to their state senator and congressmen.

    Its just a thought,, maybe every IV member should buy this book and send it to their senator as a holiday gift..I am sure that most of these guys will not read it..but even 50% read or their staff read it, it will make an impact..

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  • GCNaseeb
    02-17 12:33 AM
    My 180 days have been passed. My Career was stagnated from last 6 years. I joined a consulting company and asked him the same title as my Labor. At the client I am now IT Director. Who cares? for USCIS, I am still a Sys Admin, but in real world, I am IT Director and people are reporting to me. Wow, what a difference this AC21 brings in!

    09-07 04:03 AM
    My lawyer had applied on August 25th for the LCA. We got to know on September 3rd that there was an issue with the FEIN. We emailed the required documents to DOL on September 4th.
    My H1 expires on September 30th and consequently my I94 on October 10th, so i'm a bit concerened.
    I will post an update when I hear something from DOL.

    Just want to confirm that I have till October 10th to get my petition to USCIS. Anyone?
    Also, do i have to leave the country by October 10th if I can't get the LCA issue fixed/ petition mailed?

    06-30 08:32 PM

    My mom's a Gynecologist. She got her MBBS and MS from India in 1978. She has been working in India since then.

    How can she start practicing in the United States? I have absolutely NO idea. I have heard about the USMLE Exam, but is it necessary for a person with 25+ years of experience? Will she have to do her medical-residency AGAIN?

    Please advise.

    Yes, I guess it is absolutely necessary to pass the different stages of USMLE and then do residency and based on what speciality one gets in to,irrespective of what background is. Usually OB/Gyn takes upto 5-6 yrs..down the lane. Please google up USMLE and medical practice in US, you will find more answers.

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