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  • never_giveup
    11-05 02:20 PM
    They might not necessarily ask you, but its always safe to have the below documents.
    In our case, they asked us once and the other time, they did not care.

    1. Copies of Passport of both the parents (page with picture and name details)
    2. A letter authorizing your in-laws to accompany your daughter.

    Get it notarized if you can. If not, send the signed copies.

    If you need a format for the letter(nothing fancy, was drafted by myself), let me know, I can dig out the one I used.

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  • Milind123
    01-25 09:19 AM
    Hello everyone,
    I went online to check the status of my I-485 and it displayed me the following message


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On December 19, 2007 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    What does it mean? Does it mean that I-485 is approved.

    Pls guide.


    I have exactly the same message with a date of Dec 7th. However, I did not receive any kind of document from them and neither did my looyer. (BTW whenever I want to speak to her she is always away from her desk, spending the beter part of her day in the restroom, I assume).

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  • bestia
    01-27 02:15 PM
    These are minor things, although annoying, but I wouldn't worry about them. I guess it's just your GC interview. The good thing is that they are processing your case. I would suggest taking your lawyer with you. When is your interview? Just curious what is the time frame. Good luck.

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  • harivenkat
    05-05 02:23 PM
    You can own the company while being on H1b, You will need to partner with a CPA and get immigration attorney involved.

    Check this :

    MurthyDotCom : Start-Up Companies (
    I am on H1B, Can i register company and employ an american citizen as the CEO and run a resturant... - Topic Powered by Infopop (


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  • GCard_Dream
    08-07 12:21 PM
    If you can't decide, give him a blue dot. :confused:

    initially I was mad, becasue I remembered the revised July 2007 visa bulletin that came out declaring a reversal. Since NSC is going slow, I thought that DOS has once again pulled back on the dates. Later on I realized that its a mistake by the thread owner and got pissed off, and finally all I can do is laugh on the entire brohaha. Can't decide if we should give red dots OR green dots to the thread owner

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  • EndlessWait
    01-22 04:34 PM
    I would like to open this thread for those who are worried about the implications of using AC21 after 180 days. Lots of folks on several thread have either attempted to scare(any desi consultant ;) ) or are just scared!

    I would like to have ppl share there reviews and experiences but I assure you
    that AC21 is the law and your I-140 revocation has no effect to your on going process if you've done as required by the law as follows:

    1. Joined the new job in the same or similar category
    2. Minimum salary as specified per approved labour

    So pls dont AC21! :D


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  • EndlessWait
    12-30 06:48 PM
    if not ..u should take a chance

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  • ghost
    09-19 04:05 PM
    If any IV member works in the university, could you find out if there are any Indian and chineese assistant professors that have joined in the recent past. Such people might have applied in EB2 through university and will be retrogressed.

    Also pls get in touch with post-docs in your universities and inform them about IV. Hopefully some of them might be willing to help us with the interview.

    sent you a PM


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  • chakdepatte
    05-18 10:08 PM
    what are we waiting for. for Chinese bhai to win the case and take EB3-I unused visas ? lets join and file another India EB3-I lawsuit. best way to be heard. ........squirrel.......

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  • gcganapati
    08-15 07:56 AM
    I am one who missed the 2007 july boat...even though i filed in 2007 (485) my I-140 denied and we lost ead,ap and every thing..

    if they give at least EAD my wife can start work..i can also look direct client in this tough situaitons...its very diffucult to get mange in the work with H1b...

    please every body share with more information regarding this.


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  • immigration1234
    07-14 10:24 AM
    We have travelled in mid May '09 from via Frankfurt on AP and we did not have any problems.

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  • uscisc
    09-10 02:53 PM
    Company A - EB3 � PD Nov 2004.
    Company B - EB2 � PD Feb 2007.

    In July-2007 I applied 485 Using Company A EB3. In Apr-2008 I moved to Company B and In Feb 2009 my attorney sent an interfiling request to change the category on my EB3 case to EB2.

    My attorney also told that, in general this kind of update look complex to the USCIS people and ignore the request.

    If that happens then the next thing is to let our senator or congress man call to USCIS and request them to show more attention on that interfiling request. And you should do this after 3 months after sending the interfiling request.

    One question, did you received the same alien number on both the I-140s or not? In my case my alien numbers are also different.

    Also as of today I did not know whether my interfiling is success or not. The only way I will know about it is by calling the service center, which I haven�t done yet.

    My attorney has confidence that we can get the category changed.

    Also as mmrao2007 specified, my attorniey also sent the documents with a covering letter with a colored paper and big bold letters on top, explaining the case and related case numbers.


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  • jayleno
    08-27 03:24 PM
    None of the responses can help you unless you state your state. Believe me, I have lived in 7 states till now. I went to the dmv in 4 of them.
    I went for Driver licence renewal.I have I797 H1B notice of approval for 2 more years.But I don't have it stamped in passport.So when they see it,they said they won't consider it as visa on passport is not valid and expired.Though I am not using ,I have valid EAD card also.So When I shown it ,they renewd my licence.Now I am thinking,is it ok If I use my EAD card for licence renewal as I am not using EAD status now.I want to be on H1B only.I don't want to use EAD now. can anybody tell me will it be alright to use EAD?Does it effect anywhere in my status?

    Please respond.

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  • paskal
    08-23 03:48 PM
    please join your state chapter if you have not done so already!


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  • texcan
    09-02 04:58 PM
    I will be taking up a new job and I have been told by the new employer that, benifits will start after 30 days.

    I presently have insurence through my employer. My understnading is that, insurence stops the day I leave the present employer. Now how do i handle the stop gap in insurence to be on safer side...??

    Any help is appreciated...

    AFAIK you can continue your insurance coverage as it was from previous employer only difference is that you will have to pay for it. Ask HR or Insurance Agent assigned/responsible for your employer.

    Alternatively you can buy short term insurance, i used Fortis many times in past. Its very cheap and will cover you between jobs. Search for short-term coverage.


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  • gcdedo
    05-25 07:36 PM
    Lou Doubbs was telling , One of the controversial thing in Managers Amendment was " Provision for dialogue with Mexico before Building the Fence". source to him was Sen Kyle's office

    I would say let them fight over that and our things are sneaked into the final Conference Bill


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  • Browndog
    February 20th, 2005, 07:43 AM
    if it's any help i have a 2nd hand Sigma APO macro 70-300mm. like NikNikon i found the D70 kit lens much sharper generally, but the sigma when stopped sown to f8 or f9 at 300mm seems to be sufficiently clear enough and really helps for picking out faces in crowds etc. i recently went to a chinease new year festival and the extra reach of the lens blew me away. i could get full frame shots of the dragon mask even though i was stood further back in the crowd. being stopped down thoough i find if the light is less than ideal i need a very fast ISO to keep the shutter speed up. hope that helps :-)

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  • cherish37
    10-24 02:16 PM
    Anyone still not able to check online status for receipt number starts with SCR08007? It's been two weeks from the notice date.

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  • gbof
    01-28 09:16 PM
    Folks, please help:

    I had submitted both parents' affidavit along with my 485. Now i got RFE with only 3 weeks to reply. My name and DOB is diff in my BC so it's of no use and they won't issue NABC. I recvd BC from consulate and i am going to submit it along with a copy of my 10th grade leaving cert.

    My questions are:
    1. Can USCIS deny 485 solely due to lack of BC/NABC ? if yes then What are the chances of denial ?
    2. If the officer does not think that consulate BC is enough, will they deny 485 or issue another RFE?
    3. Do you know anyone whose 485 was denied simply for no BC/NABC reason?
    4. My 485 was (wrongfully) denied few months ago when my ex revoked the approved I-140, could this affect the future processing of the case -vely (i hope not) ?

    Thanks in advance.

    I can not say on on Q1 or Q3 but for Q2, I am told by attorney USCIS does not entertain BC from consulate or BC issued by school board.

    09-27 01:59 PM
    Most likely you received the original FP notice and the lawyer received the courtesy copy (like in my case).
    You should take the original FP notice (if possible) which is what my lawyer told me; although if your notice doesn't arrive (missing or stolen) then you could take the one which your lawyer received.
    Just my 2 cents not a legal opinion.

    11-30 10:52 PM

    I am starting this thread to track I-485 applications that did not receive receipt notices yet after filing in July-August

    I filed on August 15th
    No receipt notice yet as of Nov, 5, 2007

    Anybody else in similar situation ?

    My attorney received attorney's copy of 485/140 notices on Nov-14-2007. I didn't receive my copy so far as I had moved after filing my 485. However I used attorneys copies for filing my EAD etc.

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