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  • dixie
    08-18 01:42 PM
    Maybe. But parallel filing itself has been dysfunctional ever since retrogression hit. Talk of replacing one dysfunctional system with another.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    They started premium processing for I140 so that they could stop parallel filing of 140 and 485.

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  • sgX05
    02-12 10:32 PM

    Did you have any RFEs on your 485 application. If yes did your case status change from RFE to Initial Review after transfer to TSC?

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  • pradeepd
    01-25 01:27 AM
    Thanks so much for sending me this link. Really appreciate your response. Your posting is giving me some directions to follow now. Thank you once again. I'll update what happens.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-07 11:51 AM

    We have applied for AP on Oct 1st and its still pending .

    I have the following questions.

    1) Can we enter using the AP thats gets approved when we are outside the US
    2) How to expedite AP process other then business emergency as my wife is not working
    3) can she enter using H4 even though she has used AP and EAD before. is there any problem to GC
    4) I am going to India in Dec , assuming I get the AP by then is it ok for her to enter using h4 and myself AP.

    Thanks in Advance for your suggestions

    1) No.
    2) Other then an Emergency you can't expedite.
    3) If you are currently on H1, then she can enter on H4.
    4) Same answer as above. You can enter on AP, and if you continue to maintain H1 status, then she can enter on H4.


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  • harikris
    05-10 09:40 AM
    Khali dimag shaitan ka ghar

    (Translation: An ideal mind is a devils workshop)


    More like an idle mind ;)

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  • NikNikon
    March 14th, 2006, 11:22 PM
    Hi John, I don't consider myself a pro but I'll be more than happy to offer an opinion. I have the exact same set up as you - D70, SB600 speedlight, ect... The best way to get useable rodeo shots with our set up is to shoot rodeos held during daylight. I didn't mean that to sound like a smart ass remark, it's just you have three things working against you during night rodeo photography, the lack of light, the distance and freezing the action. I shot a rodeo that started out with daylight and went into the night. During the daylight hours I was using a 70-300mm zoom with a 2X extender, as it got darker I took the extender off and found a spot closer to the action. I also put my ISO at 1600 and put my SB600 on. If I remember right I was probably around 1/60 or 1/80 and was using the flash to stop the action and to my knowledge there isn't anyway of getting around the animal-flash-eye's syndrome. I just used photoshop to fix it during the post processing. But needless to say the ratio of useable photos during the night portion of the rodeo went way down. Even though I moved as close as possible (right up against the fence 90% from where the bulls were coming out) I had new problems to contend with, for one the dust kicked into the air would work against the flash and wash out the shot. So in that instance you have to rely on luck and timing. So I'd say move around and find your best vantage point and if you have photoshop learn how to use the "curves" function (clicking the white eyedropper on whats supposed to be white in your photo and black on whats supposed to be black). Probably not the solution you were looking for but a few ideas. The bigger fix would to get a camera that has 3200 ISO capabilities. I know there are a few Canon rodeo shooters here that can inform you about that here. Below are a couple links to a couple of my night shots. Good luck.


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  • Lasantha
    04-01 04:42 PM
    Do you mean, file I-140 first and wait till it's approved before you file for 485? If that's what you are thinking, my advise is that filing for 485 is not a luxury that you can avail yourself whenever it suits you. You must grab the chance as soon as your PD is current becaue you never know when it would be current again unless of course you fall in to EB2 ROW or a higher category. And please note that these days I-140 takes much longer than 6 months to get approved and Premium Processing is no longer in the offer.

    Hi All,

    Are there any risks of filing 140 & 485 together? I just talked to an attorney & she said that it is better to get 140 approved 1st before filing 485, as when you file concurrent, the files go to inexperienced officers who will not judge your case properly.

    When you file 140 separately, the file goes to officers who only deal with 140's.

    Does anybody on here know of these risks/disadvantages of filing concurrently. I was under the impression that it was better to do this, but now I stand contradicted!

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  • seahawks
    09-12 10:02 AM
    remember when you get your new passport in 2007, carry the new passport and the old passport with you when you travel because the valid visa will still be in your old passport.


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  • thomachan72
    06-07 07:40 PM
    cant see the daily update thread. dont know what happened

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  • mmrao2007
    09-08 04:49 PM
    When you guys submit EB2 I140 application form, make sure you put appropriate A# from your EAD card on it. That way your application will go to same folder that your I485 file is in. When time is right USCIS will process all applications together and automatically port EB3 date to your EB2 I140. They should approve I485 and new I140 together, at least that's what has happened in my case.

    If you already have second I140 approved, you need to communicate with USCIS with a covering letter with a colored paper and big bold letters on top, explaining the case and related case numbers. Please confirm with attorney.


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  • mirage
    01-28 08:58 PM
    I'm not sure about about the queston you asked here, but I was wondering you are EB-3(India) 2004, why is USCIS even reviewing your file ?

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  • prioritydate
    08-06 05:35 PM
    I have an LUD on my I-140 on 04/20/2008(Sunday)


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  • bharol
    10-09 08:38 PM
    Visitor visa/Business visa for Germany .I have plan business trip to Germany but to get visa, German consulate web site saying they will need visa stamp in passport. My visa stamp in passport is expired and I had use AP for my last entry.
    Does any have done European visa with above condition .Please share your thoughts?

    All you need is proof that you shall get entry back in USA.
    I got my German visa through
    They take some fee but would get Visa for you. They make sure all your papers are OK and would tell you what to do.

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  • vin13
    07-14 09:22 AM
    No worries. I have travelled through Frankfort with AP and had no issues. In fact, an officer did ask me for my US visa and i showed him the AP document. Seems to me that frankfort officials do understand the AP document.


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  • psaxena
    05-04 11:16 AM
    My case is in Nebarska.. is their an email for that location?

    wow.... interesting post.

    i used ac21 to port and mailed uscis the info regarding the port. I wonder if i shud be resending that info using this new process.

    Got to send this to my attorney and get her input.

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  • immilaw
    09-15 02:04 PM
    i remember IV team was earlier posting messages asking members to send questions because they have enough room to accomdate those in the same week. so i think the number of question is less now. this might be one of the reason we have conference call with lawyer once in two weeks.

    if they get more questions in future, they can have atleast one conference call per week or they can extend it 2-3hrs too. once we get more publicity and if our members count (and questions) are doubled or tripled, we can we have more sessions with same or different lawyer. what do you think?

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks for replying.


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  • wizard20740
    07-01 03:46 PM
    My wife's ead was filed in April even though hers was due for expiry only in Oct 2008. Yday her ead was approved (her online status read "card ordered".

    I have also read about one other case in , where the poster had filed too early but still received approval. Only problem is the new ead is valid for a year starting from the filing date, not 1 year from the expry of the old ead.

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  • MrDesi
    02-07 04:36 PM
    you are the kinda guy who is screwing up everyone by filing unnecessary labors, too many I140 and clogging the system for genuine people. Shame on you.

    Hello , Basically i was working in company B for a long time and they applied GC. Then I shifted to comp A and filed labor recently.

    The company B was not doing good and for safety sake applied GC in company A also


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  • Prazz002
    07-19 02:06 PM
    I think this applies only for existing cases that is if you already have a EAD number and applied for renual.

    04-05 10:03 AM
    I got my FHA loan using EAD, no issues.

    02-25 03:44 PM
    The title of this thread should be: "God of Cricket".

    Don't believe me... Just Google ( with these words.:)

    Nothing against you or that i don't agree or anything like that... but if you are from IT/Software you would know how to point search engine results to your site/sites.

    But No doubt, Sachin's the best. And we are waiting for him to pull a WC2011 victory for us. Hail Tendlya.

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