Friday, June 10, 2011

Lindsay Starr Marine Told She Can’t Wear Uniform to Her High School Graduation

Are you kidding me?

These school officials are a God damned disgrace to the education profession! Graduating early and becoming a Marine? That’s fantastic!

The Blaze

Lindsay Starr graduated early, joined the Marines, headed off to spend three months at boot camp and now all she’s asking for is a chance to wear her Marine dress blues to her high school graduation ceremony. Her high school’s answer? Absolutely not.

North Allegheny High School, located in Wexford, Pennsylvania, has a strict graduation policy under which all students must wear school colors and a cap and gown if they plan to walk across the stage to claim their diplomas. Despite efforts to change officials’ minds, Starr has been told that there is absolutely no chance the district will budge.

Some students and teachers have privately voiced support for the young Marine. Starr maintains that the school‘s position isn’t right and she’s being very vocal about the matter:

I bet the school officials are worried about the other students self esteem.

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