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  • gclabor07
    02-12 08:31 PM
    Sorry, if this seems off-topic.

    I'm on H1B visa and my wife is on H4 visa. We file our taxes as a joint return. My wife is currently studying for MS. She has received in-state tuition fees. We received 1098-T from the university. I'm thiking about getting a lifetime learning credit which will reduce my tax bill. My questions are:

    * Are people on H1/H4 allowed to take lifetime learning credit for graduate studies?
    * Will this have any negative effect on our greencard in the future?


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  • karthkc
    03-18 01:37 PM
    If I work on EAD for company XYZ then will I loose my H1B with company ABC?

    Yes. Your H1B will be invalidated if you start work on EAD....

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  • waitnwatch
    07-22 12:27 PM
    I did notice the exchange on the "free advice from lawyers" thread. You had asked a question and posted a follow up urging the attorney to answer. Pappu just informed all posters that the attorney chooses which questions to answer. The attorney in this case may have decided not to answer your question and Pappu had nothing to do with that.

    The only thing I can request you is to please choose your words judiciously....the same thing can be said in multiple ways.

    Would you like some green dots - I can surely give you a few.:)


    Why cant you just remove the feature of red/green dot completely. just ban the person directly if he/she is misusing this forum..

    See after ten twenty minutes I will have RED DOT.

    here if you say anything which moderator does not want to hear, you will get red dot or may be just banned.

    for example last week i just asked my question in Free Q/A , did not got answer but i had to say sorry to Pappu just to stay in this forum.

    I know man you can ban me from this forum anytime.

    Just my views.

    Please delete it if you dont like post.....sorry.


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  • illinois_alum
    08-11 03:25 PM
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    My I-94 has already expired .So should I put that validity date??

    I-94 was for H1B and it is already expired.Working on EAD and didn't travle out of USA so doen't have new I-94.

    Thanks again

    If you don't have a valid I-94 then you could add your AP expiration date as the validity date


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  • mchundi
    04-10 12:04 PM
    For a change I was listening to Rush today. Interestingly he was very neutral about Bush's proposal. He thinks the new proposal is to the conservative's liking, but not sure how this will be implemented. Bush's push is our last hope this year. Nancy Pelosi does not want to take up any immigration bill that is not likely to pass(afraid of failure).

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  • akred
    08-10 07:41 PM
    I was hired for a position that required Masters and I fortunately was in EB2, but a colleague of mine, who is doing the similar work, was put in EB3 because his manager created the position with a requirement of Bachelors. He had a Master's degree. Here employee suffered because of his manager's ignorance

    Wouldn't say it is ignorance on the part of the manager. Ignorance is easily abated by the employee talking to the manager. Plus any good lawyer will ask the manager if a master's degree is required for the job before proceeding with recruitment.

    More often there are other reasons such as ego issues ("I don't have a college degree so why does my report need a master's degree") or practical difficulties (necessity to raise the wage offered) that can cause an otherwise qualified person to be classified as EB3.


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  • shana04
    02-17 04:24 PM
    Can I invoke AC21 by using H1-B transfer?

    Enjoy your life, but do it careful.

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  • gchopes
    08-16 10:37 AM
    I just wanted to confirm that it is ok to travel on AP via Dubai from Emirates without H1B stamp. Has anyone done this recently and can you share your experience? Thanks.

    - gchopes


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  • gc28262
    04-07 06:23 PM
    I'm in my 9th year of H1B which is going to expire in about six months. My employer is suggesting to extend H1B and not use or extend EAD. Based on your experience and knowledge please post your advise. If a post like this already exists, please point me to that. I could not find one easily. Thanks a lot.

    Irrespective of whether EAD is used, one should always extend EAD as a backup. ( Especially in this economy)

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  • webm
    07-11 01:42 PM
    Count me..PD:EB3-I Oct,2001..AOS still pending...FP,Background check cleared per IO...


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  • sweet_jungle
    10-13 02:28 AM
    I have 2 approved I-140s from same company with which I am currently working. One PD is end 2004 and another is end 2005.
    My I-485 was filed last July with PD end 2004 (I-140 was approved way back in 2006).
    Recently, an ombudsman inquiry revealed my PD to be end 2005 and not end 2004. The 140 with PD end 2005 was never used to file 485.
    Anybody with similar experience?
    How do I get this corrected?
    My category is EB2 India.

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  • jetflyer
    06-11 01:24 PM
    Also depends what is the compensation for the position. As what I see normally (applies to contracting only) any job under $50/hr goes unfilled or takes longer but jobs with $80-$100 gets filled in 2-3 days and creates shortage for those.
    May be because immigrants (H1 & GC) who came in around 1997-2001 have over 7+ yrs of US experience and get paid really well :D


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  • singhv_1980
    01-31 07:38 PM
    I am planning on taking an interview date in Delhi. I read that for mumbai, you have to drop your docs 1 week prior to your appointment. Can anyone explain the procedure for Delhi, please?

    I am still waiting for it to show the availablity. But I got HDFC receipt from India.

    Once date is shown- I will apply for non immigrant visa on the website. Now will they ask me to put my petition info (I-797) at this time? Or I will just fill in DS 156 and DS 157 forms??

    Once I fill in the forms (with bar code), I will have to take them along in the interview. Is it true?? Or I will have to drop out my docs. at VFS location even for Delhi consulate????

    Please help ppl...this stamping ordeal is taking toll on me now...alas! I was born earlier ;):p

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  • priderock
    07-20 10:45 AM
    I am not sure whether it will fly or not, but I always thought it is a good idea to consider how many years a person is in USA on a legally working status and contributes to Federal,State,local taxes and social security and Medicare , rather than how many years a person has GC.

    I am sure laws about citizenship needs amended to facilitate that and I don't think any one has appetite to attempt it or even to think on those lines currently.

    PS: Just Came to know yesterday about a person who came here literally 4 months ago bought a LC from 2001 and going to get his GC in months time and I know a friend who is here for a decade is still waiting in PBEC. This process is not fair and never was and so is life :(


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  • aperregatturv
    10-26 04:01 PM
    Can you type in all your details , like category,country, etc. Is your PD Current?

    PD Feb 2004 - EB3 - India
    I140 Approved - May 2007
    EAD Approved - Oct 3
    EAD recd Oct 10
    H1B Status Valid - 2010.

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  • indio0617
    01-12 02:31 PM
    I can understand your concerns. A few years back we had similar questions and concerns when my MIL travelled. She was old and had never travelled alone before. Could not speak any english either. We thought it was best for her to travel with wheelchair assistance and it worked good. She has travelled twice ( on lufthansa) with no issues.

    One thing we did to help her was give a covering letter that she could present to the airline staff which would explain her needs if any while travelling. We also prepared and gave her several flash cards (one liners) written in both the local Indian language alongwith the English translation for her to communicate if she needs anything on the flight.

    Non -verbal communication works well sometimes. It worked for us.


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  • mundada
    07-17 12:50 PM
    Another case pointing that in the USA only lawsuits work to achieve short term results while lobby works to achieve long term solutions.

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  • Libra
    08-22 08:05 PM
    dean and kadarm welcome to IV, we are very much active and we are glad you guys contacted. so far 5 members voted to join in bus, other flying. so i request you guys to join us in the bus if not have any problem.

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  • ajain
    05-27 02:38 PM
    sorry about that, i was planning to file in 2007, but didn't complete the process, and forgot to update my profile. it is updated now. thanks for pointing it out.

    08-14 06:46 PM
    Secondly, on a different note, I am not sure who did it or why, someone gave me a red dot.

    Is red dot more important than getting answers for your situation? Why do you care dude? :D

    02-15 01:30 AM
    Hello All

    I have a question concerning my EAD.Company A applied for my H-1B After an year I have trfd my H-1 to company B and I have been working with company B for the past 2yrs 10 months.My H-1 b is due to expire in feb 2009.Company B Applied for my green card also. I-140 approved in November 2007.I got EAD in oct 2007 and has a valid EAD up to aug 2010.technically I am on EAD since I entered the country on advance parole.Now my company is going to renew my H-1 B .In light of the bill that has been passed which doesnot allow forfresh H-1 B as well as H-1 B renewals,what happens to my EAD if my H-1 renewal petetion gets denied?Does denial of non immigrant petetion leads to denial of immigrant visa (i.e pending adjustment of status).What happens to my EAD.I am worried a lot.Pls advice?Should I request my company to stop the renewal process so that I can stay on EAD only.

    Before asking n number of questions, it will be helpful for others(even to answer the questions) if you fill up your profile.

    --Its doesnt mean that you are technically on EAD just for the reason of you entered on AP. You could choose to working on H1-B if you want to (by not sending your I-9)
    --Is company B you mentioned a TARP company?
    --Denial of non-imm petition does not automatically lead to denial of other immi petitions provided all else is good

    Chill out and stop worrying. Talk to your attorney and make wise decision that is good for you.

    This is just my opinion/understanding and others could correct me if I was wrong..

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