Wednesday, June 8, 2011

pigs in blankets

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  • addsf345
    11-19 01:29 PM
    The vermont service center says 2 months for h1b extensions, mine has been pending for 75 days, so i called the uscis today and guess what they told me, the processing times have been updated on teh web site but it is very difficult for us to follow them, i would suggest you wait for 90 days and see if there is any change in your online status if not call me back.

    Then why do these people keep updating monthly processing dates if they cannot stick to their words.

    I believe the processing times are just a gimmick to show progress to press....:mad:

    Guess what, CIS @ NSC, TSC looks like never want to cross even the processing dates beyond July 2007. I will be not surprised if they do not cross July 2007 for another year.

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  • snathan
    02-23 06:53 PM
    I successfully ported from EB3 to EB2 in the same company while on EAD

    Now i am working on the new Eb2 position using the EAD obtained from the EB3 position. I have still not filed my Eb2 485 since dates are not current (priority date jan 2007)

    The new Eb2 job description was similiar to Eb3 but the difference was that now it required masters degree and 1 year experience. This is becasue of more resposnitlity and supervisory role in the eb2 position. Also natural progression...

    I qualified for the Eb2 position without using the Experience gained in the existing company. I had masters and previous experience which was used for qualification....

    Also the older Eb3 position does not exist as it was modified to the new Eb2 position as the role now required more complexity...

    Sharing my experience and wondering if everything is ok with my current situation? I do not have a h1b. I still work on EAd obtained from the Eb3 app and travel on AP and have not had any issues yet....

    Porting is not walk in the park anymore. USCIS is scrutizing should be ok as long as everything is documented properly. Keep us posted.

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  • kangaroo70
    08-17 09:29 PM

    how long did it take for you to get denial reason from DOL? my lawyer got notice today, but they don't know reason for denial yet.

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  • TomPlate
    12-03 12:27 PM
    After an 2 years assume the project that I worked is closed. Initially the greencard was filed related to a requirement in the project. I got approved after 3 years. Since the project is closed, I cannot work on the project that was initially filed on Green card.

    Now Explain me what we should do?


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  • sriramkalyan
    02-06 11:22 AM
    So what ... r u scared will be deported ...

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  • satishku_2000
    05-04 02:22 PM
    I had a rfe on my 140. About a degree from Bombay University. After the reply within 48 hours my case was approved.

    Hey pete

    when did u file your case , is it EB2 or EB3 reg or prem? Mine was filed on sep 19th EB3 regular still waiting.

    I am concerned about RFE response time change USCIS is planning now ...


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  • buddyinsd
    02-07 01:02 PM
    The only diff b/w these illegals vs legals is education. These illegals r uneducated and dont fear law and can go to any extent as opposed to legals who're well educated. At the same time, the Tri-valley situation brings to the fore the credibility of educated indians too!!! All those students came to US "legally" but started violating the law from the word GO by working at Gas stations, Mc Donalds make ends meet. Infact some even got in very well knowing that it was not completely legal as the guy from the university who was bringing ppl was a desi who worked for the university and forged fake documents for the students.

    Overall, the Indian immigrant's image is at stake right now and this might lead to enforcing new laws against legal immigrants (read scrutiny, queries etc...)

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  • MatsP
    November 18th, 2004, 01:50 AM
    I'd just like to add that it would help to see some examples of the images that you're having problems with. It's quite hard to tell from a description what could have gone wrong (or even if it's perfectley expectable, just that you expected the camera to do something else. I've done that more than once ;-)

    Upping the ISO is an obvious solution, so is using a different flash than the built-in one, and using the flash directed at the ceiling (or some other white-ish surface, such as a piece of cardboard). By bouncing the flash, you get a more spread out light, and the picture will not be so harsh.

    You can probably also lighten the images somewhat in Photoshop (or whatever photo editing software you like to use). This obviously doesn't work if the image is completely black and you want white walls, but if it's one or two stops short of right, you should be able to get it 'almost' right.

    But seeing some pictures of yours would most likely help a whole lot more than talking about them...



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  • GC08
    11-04 06:59 PM
    Is this something to be concerned about, getting AP before EAD , both are of course 124 days since receipt date.

    I don't know. It is just puzzling that some people got both while others only got one. What is the basis for approving AP?

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  • eastindia
    05-10 10:31 AM
    You nailed it my friend.

    I have been thinking of it for years.

    It has to be discussed very seriously.

    Note: Give me your lawyer email id. I will ask him to charge every question you ask, so he does not have to have any clients except you for his living.

    A lot of lawyers do not charge money for every question you ask if you are their client. You can easily email them and ask questions or post on their intranet. It is part of their service that helps them get more business.

    If your employer is their client, then of course the lawyer may not respond to you. Why should he?


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  • ryan
    05-13 08:59 AM
    Hello -- How long does it usually take to get access to the donor forum? I've signed up for recurring contributions to the effort via Paypal yesterday and wondering when i'll be able to get access. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but just curious..

    Admins -- I'd like to know as well please. I signed up for recurring contributions, send through a few emails to the admins. No response yet. Appreciate the access. Thanks

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  • thomachan72
    09-14 06:30 AM
    You cannot work with an expired EAD. End of the story.

    But if it is approved and you haven't got the card in your hand , few companies would allow you to work for 90 days from the date of approval.

    so a person whose EAD expires but is waiting renewed EAD card has to resign and then be rehired??? Isn't there some clarity regarding this?


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  • senthil1
    01-12 01:13 PM
    You cannot use your Priority date if it is denied.

    Dear Attornies,experts

    My perm was denied recently because "The wage listed in the SWA job order is less than the wage offered to the foreign worker", It took DOL almost one and half years to determine this after a business necessity audit. I am going to start a new application now. What are my chances for an appeal by providing corrected supporting documents, can I apply a new application while an appeal is in progress..

    Can I have multiple PERM applications from multiple employers at the same time, with different position titles?

    Is there anyway of taking advantage of the old priority date application that was denied with a new application.

    I almost lost 2 years in priority date because of this denial...

    Please suggest...

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  • Dhundhun
    10-26 03:31 AM
    California allows drivers to take test in 31 languages other than English (Driver License and Identification (ID) Card Information (

    A cop should not be giving someone ticket for not knowing English.

    Non-english applicants has to answer additional test for sign board reading. As far as I know, 12 more in CA in addition to 36 standard to make sure that even if someone does not know English (s)he understands what is written. A non-English driver is supposed to understands all the signs (over sixty) including "No right turn on red" (Sign as well as the words):
    - Traffic Signs
    - Red/White regulatory signs
    - White regulatory signs
    - Highway Construction and Maintenance Signs (Orange)
    - Guide signs (Green/Blue)
    - Hazardous Signs (Red, Yellow)
    - Warning Signs

    By taking Sign test (12 questions) CA tries to make sure that other language drivers understand Sign. This has independant pass marks, does not get combined with main (36 questions).


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  • singhsa3
    07-18 09:47 AM
    Can any one explain his comments,

    "We presume some folks are still waiting on their July 2nd cases to be returned and are debating refiling new cases rather than waiting. Unfortunately, there is a risk of not getting the package back before August 17th and some people will need to refile without proof of the earlier filing."

    Shouldn't any application rejected on July 2nd have already reached our lawyer's office by now?
    Also, if my appliction, filled on July 2nd, has not been returned yet, shouldn't we assume that it will be accepted?

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  • singhsa3
    08-22 10:08 PM
    They are still good but they are direct to IO desks at NSC. I did not want to start barrage of calls to them. What I can do is I can PM you the numbers. You had been a contributing member and I would happy to tell you what I know. But please exercise your judgement....

    You had some numbers there, are they not good anymore?


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  • windycloud
    07-10 10:33 AM
    The H1 document in and by itself is not. The I-94 card that comes printed at the bottom is. And the I-94 card is a valid document as per the I-9 form.

    Exactly. And that's what I gave them. The I-797 with the I-94. And this agency I'm talking about is TSA, part of Homeland Security. And obviously they don't know how to read a legal document issued by USCIS, also part of Homeland Security.

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  • overseas
    08-20 08:54 AM
    Hi gcdreamer05,

    So did you find out any more information on this? I'm in the same situation like you. In the instructions I clearly see that we have to send our application to Texas service center as we live in MA. But I want to make sure whether this is correct before I send my application. I'm sure it will be painful to wait for a long time later.

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  • Canadianindian
    07-22 05:33 PM
    You can only move after 6 months of 485 filing. Then it falls under AC21. Now if you move, you have to start the entire process. Fortunately with PERM and PP for 140, everything would take less than few months.

    Hmmm, it happened to me and my company started new labor process through PERM. My second 140 is stuck for more than a year now.


    You can keep your primary residence at the original labor filed location and convince your company to allow you to work at that place for six months at least once a week.

    Thanks for your response. I am in consulting, and we generally travel.
    One of HR folks mentioned that my company may be able to keep me on the exisiting location's payroll, while I work in the other state.

    Did you come across such option.

    10-16 12:56 PM
    Me and my wife used AP at SF airport couple of months ago. The process was very smooth and IOs know exactly what to do with this document. However you will be sent to secondary and you will have to wait there for around 30 minutes (sounds like normal process everywhere else too).

    11-06 08:54 PM

    We are in a critical situation. My wife's AP was approved on 10/18 and the current status is "Document Mailed on 11/05". It also says "You should receive the document within 30 days".

    Our flight to India is on 11/15 and we are wondering typically how long it takes for us to receive the physical paper after the status changed to "Document Mailed".

    Can you please share your experience?


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