Friday, June 17, 2011

Rebecca Black took back 'Friday'

Even though it had been viewed like 6.5 billion times on YouTube or something ridiculous... yes, everyone in the world has seen it. EVERYONE... Rebecca Black issued a "take down" notice for the video that made her an internet-name. "It'ssss Friday, Friday..."

TMZ reports after those perverts at Ark Music Factory recently switched the "Friday" video to a $2.99 YouTube rental, Beckster got pissed and demanded it be pulled. How dare they charge us for simply looking forward to the weekend, weekend? I haven't felt so ripped off since I was deciding which seat to take and then the seat I finally decided on was suddenly taken.

But just in time for Friday, Friday, the vid was reposted for free viewing under a "Rebecca Black on Vevo" account. But once again, according to Mashable, it has been pulled because that was a fake!

WHAT THE FUCK, can we not just get down on Friday anymore?!

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