Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • SunnySurya
    07-13 12:49 PM
    Reading your post, it seems that it is better for me to do nothing (option A).
    talk to an attorney.
    I have a similar problem with 2 485s, one as primary, one as dependent. The PDs are 18 months apart, and both are not going to be current in August. Had ending up filing both in the July fiasco because both attorneys were dillydallying on filing and we were hoping atleast one gets through, now both did.
    My attorney is now advising me NOT to withdraw one on my own, because USCIS in its own confusion might end up withdrawing BOTH petitions. This also happened to someone recently on the forum (I-140 in one case got denied, and all four 485s were denied, without USCIS realizing that 2 were tied to another I-140 which is still around). He believes we will either get an approval outright and the second petition will be automatically nullified, or we'll get an RFE.

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  • sands_14
    03-20 05:12 PM
    Doesnt matter.
    Past experience shows that finally it doesnt matter.File in the category u r eligible for.

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  • chandupatla
    02-25 10:22 AM
    Thanks for sending the information..and one more thing is there any road test?

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    06-05 06:27 PM

    What is is your 140 Filing Date and which center ?? When did you see Status change online. Did you see any change, while the appln. is being taken for processing.

    Actually, my question, is my 140 went to TSC on Aug 29, 2007 (From NSC), As per latest procesing statistics, I see, upto Aug 26,2007, cases were cleared by May 15th. My case, must have been taken for processing by now. But I donot see any Status Change.

    Donot know, how correct are these Processing Statitstics. Did 140 processing Date go back in TCS. How do I know, approx. date of my 140 clearance. I am really in need of the same, as I am running a tough situation.:mad::o

    Appreciate any inputs to this situation of mine. :)


    My I-140 was approved on 5/8/2008 and my attorney received the original approval notice on 5/14/2008. The online status on uscis website was like "approved, approval notice sent" at that time. But since 5/22/2008, the onlien status changed again into:


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On May 22, 2008 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    Anybody has any idea what this "New document" could be? My attorney said he has not received anything yet. Thanks in advance.


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  • voldemar
    12-31 02:30 PM
    If your wife wants to work, then, of course, both of you have to be on EAD.That's not correct. Primary applicant could be on H1 and dependent use EAD. When dependent starts using EAD it doesn't affect primary applicant.

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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-30 09:48 AM
    I have a question regarding where to file my EAD renewal application. I am a July filer NJ resident and my I-485/EAD/AP were sent to Nebraska and got the AP/EAD approved through Nebraska going by my LIN no. As per the (C)(9) rules it says NJ residents should file to Texas service center and somewhere else I read that my EAD renewal application should be sent to the location where my I-485 is getting processed.

    Please share your experiences.


    You will need to send your application to TEXAS because you live in NJ. It does not matter 1. where you sent it last year 2. what service center approved it last year 3. if your EAD card # starts with LIN/EAC/WAC.

    Please do not get confused, stick to what the latest instruction document says:


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  • Refugee_New
    08-02 12:23 PM
    My PD is Feb 2002, EB2 and 485 ND: 06/15/2007

    I renewed my EAD last month believing that it may trigger GC approval.
    Today i received my EAD renewal for 2 years. Expiry date is July 25, 2010

    Having oldest PD and receiving 2 yrs EAD, is it a good sign or bad? Please let me know.


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  • chanduv23
    09-14 10:32 AM
    Please allow me to answer your question when I see you in person.!:o



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  • indo_obama
    05-12 11:45 AM
    Wow didnt know everybody here are Super Immigrants....... legal ...Illegal and now super..... whats next duper immigrants

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  • chanduv23
    10-09 06:54 AM
    We have some excellent volunteers from Long Island and we would want more activity from this area.

    Please volunteer for local meetings. PM me if you are interested, I will drive over to your place if we can gather enough crowd and do a meeting


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  • go_guy123
    12-09 10:05 AM
    Everything is done only for illegals now a days... why should the politicians do anything for EB immigration for legally tax paying immigrants ?

    I don't know who is worse the democrats or the republicans ...

    Democratic party is actually horrible when it come to skilled imigrants. In the past the GOP have done for skilled folks like AC21 ets. DNC is for Unions (who oppose the H1B/EB people) and illegals (who like to keep us hostage for amnesty bills).

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  • Cheran
    04-13 03:16 PM
    I want to address this to everyone. Any organization needs a clear and precise Vision statement. Majority of the senior member complain that the people with green card and citizenship do not support immigration voice; then the question becomes what is our vision. If we confine ourselves to the benefit that we all should get green card, then what is the need for someone who has already got a green card to visit this web site. Humans are need based animals, whether you like it or not tomorrow if I get my Green Card (A big IF) it is very much likely that my visit to this website will be minimized. My priorities will be different. So core group should get a better vision statement which might address all immigrants.

    The reason I came to immigration voice is slightly different, because I am still not convinced enough to accept that core group could do something which will make our law makers’ act different. I support immigration voice on a bigger picture, it unites all immigrants together, and the website provides me support to all my immigration need. For example, I can search the website and find information regarding visa stamping, H1 quota and what my fellow countrymen think about it. So my sincere advice to the core group is to create a vision statement which is much bigger than the green card issue and which will make sure all immigrant no matter with green card or not will visit our website. Make the vision statement visible in the website. You have much better exposure through this. I have to agree, I am writing this out of frustration :D , but to be honest, do not treat this website for green card retrogression alone, treat it as something bigger, which will address all immigrant needs.


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  • gcdreamer05
    08-18 12:40 AM
    Dear Attorney,

    I live in boston and come under Texas service center, my I-140 was approved from texas.

    But my pending 485 was sent to Nebraska Service center.

    I am now trying to file EAD application,

    I am confused if i need to send the EAD application to NSC (based on my pending 485) or should i send to Texas service center (based on my address jurisdiction).

    My RFE's have come from nebraska only.

    So could you please clairfy where i need to file EAD. I am doing a paper based filing and hence this question.


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  • champu
    03-04 04:32 PM
    Hi guys,
    this is my first post, so please bear with me ..How can a novice know that this forum is for EB category ? small suggestion to iv team, a small iv admin fix...

    can typing take us all to "" or" ? (eg. takes you to In that way eventually everybody will know its a eb immigration voice and no other legal immigrants forums..

    Sr members, please share your views on this topic..


    Do you mind booking all the URLs you have mentioned and redirecting it to IV. Thanks


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  • sertasheep
    09-15 01:57 PM
    Dear IV members,

    I am responsible for collating questions from members and sending them to our immigration attorney. Please follow the process outlined in the following thread:

    - At this time, we do NOT have enough questions to justify a conference call
    - On the average, we require at least 20-25 "non-frivolous" questions to be able to justify our attorney's precious time (Please refer to the USCIS definition of the verbage "non-frivolous")
    - We have had internal discussions on whether the frequency of the calls needs to be changed from bi-weekly(fortnightly) to monthly at this time.

    Next Steps:
    - Please keep sending in your questions to
    - Also see the thread wherein, periodic reminders have been posted requesting members to send in questions. Please keep them coming in so that we can have the next conf. call

    FAQs: I hope the following provides some transparency into the process:

    Q. What happens when a question is sent in?
    A. First level filtered non-frivolous questions are responded to with a unique Question ID that helps track the question through its lifecycle until closure. The questions are then compiled and sent to the attorney, who accepts/rejects questions based on relevance. Based on the critical mass, the next conference call date is determined. Setting up a conference call requires mobilization of several resources- dial in number, availability of a moderator, etc. After the call, the recording needs to be made available, and several volunteers work towards making the transcript available in a MS Word/Adobe PDF form. Considering our other work and social commitments, this process takes around 2 weeks at this time.

    Q. How many lawyers are there to answer the questions? Can we have couple of more lawyers on our panel so that we can do this more often?
    A. Sure, but we need more questions coming in. We need a critical mass of non-frivolous questions to be sent in. We have, in the past, requested members to send in questions via the "" route instead of posting them on the forums.

    Q. Who are the people doing all this work?
    A. Coremember "logiclife" has been doing the co-ordination in the past but has been indisposed due to health and work reasons for the next several weeks. I ("sertasheep") have taken over the co-ordination of the question-compilation etc., overseen by waldenpond, stucklabor, vineet among several other IV volunteers during logiclife's hiatus.
    - (I don't want to reveal other names here without knowledge of their IV handles, will do so shortly after I get their IV handles and/or permission)
    - Vineet and/or waldenpond have been helping with the last couple of conf. call moderations due to availability and calendar conflicts.



    (I've been down with shingles for the past few days, but that shouldn't stop me from collating the questions- so, keep 'em coming, and await announcement of the next conf. call!!)

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  • kumar1
    05-28 09:29 AM
    Thank you. I was looking for an answer too.


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  • apnair2002
    05-02 06:21 PM

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  • drirshad
    11-26 08:10 PM
    My H1 status is pending does means processing or it will change to processing when they really start to look at it.

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  • parimmigv
    10-08 06:05 PM
    Thanks for detailed responses.

    01-16 07:57 PM
    Folks, there is thought that keeps coming to mind about where to go back in India when we finally plan to...

    When we came in 2002 we did think that we will go back in a couple of years at the most....but it's been longer...we definately love it hear but think that should settle down in India rather for multiple reasons (mostly personal reasons)

    I am from a small town in India and it is definately not a IT hub, my wife is from Mumbai and we think it is now too crowded (as always -:) or say to hectiv a life in Mumbai....

    so then which is the best place to go ...Pune ? I hear that even that is very crowded and not to mention the sky rocketing real estate....

    We have 2 6 years and the younger one year....
    How is schooling back home ? I hear that the studies for the school there are much more difficult compared to here ? I mean can kids going from here cope up there in schools ?

    I also hear that there are foreign schools....for which I might have to continue working here to pay the fees -;)

    Thoughts friends ?

    I am in the software industry (Business Inteligence)

    09-20 03:02 AM
    Oh, and i wish i had buy it! A friend of mine told me about it and made a copy for me for testing. (not pretty legal, i know, but if i like the soft i finally buy it. I only need to check it in advance, because my salary is not that big to buy just for checking. Sure you know what i mean

    ditto. Screw em if they don't like it. I know if I don't like the program, it goes right off my machine and probebly wont ever be tested again. :)

    I do think that painter has many features that photoshop doesn't, but out of the two, Photoshop is probebly a lot more useful. If you want to draw though, and you want to gain a real sense of texture which is the same as the none virtual medium, then Painter is the only way to go. That is to say.. if you want your cartoon to look like it's drawn in crayon.. Photoshop just wont cut it.

    Edwin is really the one to ask about this. He's a very experienced Photoshop user and also has Painter6.0.

    I will take a look around for books.. but like you and I have already said.. pickins are scarce.

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