Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • j751
    10-24 01:41 PM
    BTW what does Murthy charge?

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  • abhijitp
    07-17 06:19 PM
    �The public reaction to the July 2 announcement made it clear that the federal government�s management of this process needs further review,� said Emilio Gonzalez, USCIS Director.

    The gov agency had to take note of the IV led campaigns! Great job IV!

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  • number30
    06-15 11:54 AM
    If Birth Certificate issue by Indian consulate then it should be ok, as it is from consulate

    Birth certificate issued by Indian consulate is not accepted. It needs to be from original source. Submit as it is. If they ask later you can submit affidavit from Parents or nearest relatives.


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  • srikondoji
    07-26 02:47 PM

    Just made another contribution of $100. AS i said to you in the past, that i will be making contributions every now and then instead of recurring.

    Transaction ID: 2FX50463NH320233G Placed on Jul. 26, 2007


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  • bekugc
    03-04 04:46 PM

    Here are my details.

    1. currently in 8th yr extn on orig H1( h1 extn is there until mar 2010); 140 approved in march 2007
    2. filed 485 in june 07, got AP/ead in oct 07 ( eb3, apr 2003)
    3. became eligible for ac21 in jan 2008
    4. so far not yet used AP or ead

    the qn is -->

    1. if i use ac21 , can i have the new company transfer my H1? (even tho im past the 6 yr original limit)
    2. first join the new company using EAD, then ask them to apply for H1 transfer. will this work?
    3. if the new company doesnt sponsor my H1, then does that mean i will never be able to marry a girl from india and get her here on dependent visa (h4) before my GC approval.
    4. pple who use EAD and chg jobs, is there any way in which they can get to add a spouse as a derivative 485 appln before the GC gets approved.

    can you give ur opinion regd the above qns? thanks

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  • gnutin
    05-05 03:46 PM
    Thanks to everyone who responded. So in summary, it looks like:
    * I can own a business on H1B.
    * I cannot take any proceeds/profits from the business, but can use it to grow it further.
    * I can work for the business as long as I don't take any money from it.
    - Can a guru please confirm this?
    * The business can buy me equipment and accessories to work.

    As everyone suggested, I will consult a CPA and immigration lawyer to confirm but wanted to get some initial idea.


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    06-05 06:27 PM

    What is is your 140 Filing Date and which center ?? When did you see Status change online. Did you see any change, while the appln. is being taken for processing.

    Actually, my question, is my 140 went to TSC on Aug 29, 2007 (From NSC), As per latest procesing statistics, I see, upto Aug 26,2007, cases were cleared by May 15th. My case, must have been taken for processing by now. But I donot see any Status Change.

    Donot know, how correct are these Processing Statitstics. Did 140 processing Date go back in TCS. How do I know, approx. date of my 140 clearance. I am really in need of the same, as I am running a tough situation.:mad::o

    Appreciate any inputs to this situation of mine. :)


    My I-140 was approved on 5/8/2008 and my attorney received the original approval notice on 5/14/2008. The online status on uscis website was like "approved, approval notice sent" at that time. But since 5/22/2008, the onlien status changed again into:


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On May 22, 2008 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    Anybody has any idea what this "New document" could be? My attorney said he has not received anything yet. Thanks in advance.

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  • RDB
    12-21 11:03 AM
    A1. Yes, they will interview you together.
    A2. It is NOT advisable to take the immigration attorney with you IF your case is clear, i.e. no out of status etc. When we went for the interview, the officer clearly told us that you did good by not having an attorney - they get annoyed by them :). As soon as he realized that we didn't have anybody representing us, he was way more relaxed than with other people who had representation.
    A3. Yes, they can and will approve on the spot if they are satisfied with your answers!
    A4. Yes, they can stamp the passport if they approve it - in my case, they approved it but couldn't stamp the passport because my PD was not current. He said, you will get the card as soon as your PD becomes current.

    Just relax and take all the necessary documentation with you - and be absolutely confident in your answers. Oh, and btw, I was also promoted when we went for the interview and that doesn't make any difference - as long as you are employed (same company is better).

    Hope this helps.

    Hello Everybody,

    My wife & I have our 485 interviews in January. Any advice is appreciated. Mine is a EB (EB- 2) petition. Our PD is April 2006. We filed for 485's in July 2007 and our 485's were transferred to National Benefits Center in 2008. I was promoted hence my title is different now from what was filed on the Labor application and job duties only changed a little bit. My petitioner is the same,

    Couple of questions -
    Will they interview my wife & I together ?
    Is it advisable to take the immigration attorney with us for the interview.?
    Can the IO approve the case on the spot.?
    Can IO stamp the passport since my PD is current.?

    If somebody can direct me to any recent experiences for folks who did have interviews - that would be really helpful.




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  • tinuverma
    03-19 04:23 PM
    nice surprise to see there are a few strugglers like me here.
    PD: sept 2005.
    EAD: approved
    I-140: approved.
    in OKC metro area.

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  • sanan
    06-04 08:15 AM
    PD July 2002
    no update yet! Although I know atleast one person on another forum got an email on day 1 (June 1st) that his was approved! That sucked for him coz he didn't get any time to file for his wife!:(


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  • rsayed
    04-26 06:50 PM
    Be careful with what you post on this thread.

    Assume that all such threads that have lawmakers name in title may be read by someone in their staff so BE VERY CAREFUL in posting stuff that is a comment on any lawmaker.

    Restrain would be a good idea.

    I agree...

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  • gcdreamer05
    03-19 01:26 PM
    To safeguard your own identity try to use any identity protection program, i do not work for or i am nto trying to do sales here, but i have used Bank of americas program and i used it for like 1 year it was pretty good. They alert you if there is any fradulent transaction like if any one tries to open a credit card or something with ur ssn number etc...

    I would strongly suggest you do that and keep monitoring your reports.

    I have seen so many other programs on TV about identity theft prevention software, services etc... sign up for something to be on safe side.

    i also remember seeing something which rhymes with id lock or something, the CEO of that company displays his SSN number on all boards etc... i dont remember which one.

    Just google for identity theft prevention programs and you should see lots.


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  • srt57
    02-14 02:08 PM
    My PERM LC got approved recently(two weeks back). In my case its MS+0 years. My attorney says this will qualify for EB2. MY job title is Computer Software Engineer.

    Which center did you file PERM with and how long did it take to process? Any audits or business necessity documentation required?

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  • whoever
    07-20 02:09 PM
    actually we did not have marriage certificate after trying hard from india, so we got married only recently. i dont know what will happen because actually we filed tax together as couple for few years.


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  • gc28262
    11-30 10:52 PM

    I am starting this thread to track I-485 applications that did not receive receipt notices yet after filing in July-August

    I filed on August 15th
    No receipt notice yet as of Nov, 5, 2007

    Anybody else in similar situation ?

    My attorney received attorney's copy of 485/140 notices on Nov-14-2007. I didn't receive my copy so far as I had moved after filing my 485. However I used attorneys copies for filing my EAD etc.

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  • rockstart
    10-29 12:25 PM
    Pls check the fees to be sent with new application, you might have to send the new fees. consult your lawyer


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  • jliechty
    February 14th, 2005, 12:20 PM
    I just bought a new D70 and was interested in getting some advise from current owners about additional lenses and accessories.

    Was looking at buying a SB-800 flash. Is this the best option?
    The SB-800 is excellent, but a bit expensive. Worthwhile if you can afford it.
    How about additional lenses? I have an 18-70mm AF that came with the camera.

    I am looking for other nikkor lenses that are very handy to have, meaning won't sit in the bag most of the time.

    Any other advice or help would be much appreciated.

    What kind of photographs do you plan to take? Lenses for bird photography are going to be different than what's needed for macro, which will be different from what's needed for architecture or landscape.

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  • maddipati1
    11-20 07:02 PM
    1) You CAN use the AP that is approved while you are out. However someone needs to courier the document to you before you can enter with it. I am doing the same thing with my Law Firm. You do not need the AP in hand to leave the US.


    did your lawyer told you that u can go out of US while AP is still pending?

    Krishna is correct. read the I-131 instructions carefully.

    i am in the same boat. waiting for AP and trip planned with tight schedule.

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  • pady
    06-18 04:44 PM
    I would like to stay in the project through a difference vendor because it is stable for quite long time and I am expecting to be there for next 3 yrs.

    I am worried because this Noncompete is between my employer and his next layer. The final layer is client and I will be working for the same client through a NEW vendor.

    03-18 11:48 AM
    If I work on EAD for company XYZ then will I loose my H1B with company ABC?

    If company 'ABC" is a consultant company then..make a deal with them and work thru them for XYZ for 2-3 months and take transfer to xyz.
    Otherwise you have no other option than using EAD.

    01-13 12:16 PM
    You can have 2 different applications for PERM from different prospective employers. It is just like filing for 2 different H1-B visas.

    I believe, typically you apply for I-485 with one employer. So until then having multiple PERM or I-140 should be OK.

    I do not have any personal experience with multiple filing.

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